Hello all! With this post being written exactly 1 month since Vocab Testing 1.0 was released, we have had time to review how our users have been enjoying the new features. Overall, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, but there is still a tonne of stuff we are looking to add. Stay tuned for Vocab Testing 2.0 in the next few weeks, where we will be adding loads more stuff.

In other news, we are extremely happy to announce that we came first place in the Surrey West Area Finals. Thank you to all the judges and staff for organising the event, as well as all the other teams for an all-round enjoyable evening. We look forward to competing in the Regional finals!

With GCSE’s drawing ever closer, now is the perfect time to pick up an EduNow subscription, so head over to https://edunow.co.uk and make exams a little less stressful. We promise you’ll love it 😀


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