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At EduNow, we have a large collection of high quality revision notes spanning entire subject courses, providing the perfect resource to learn or revise the content you need.
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Biology - Organisms and Life Processes

Physics - Forces and Motion

Maths - Calculus

Chemistry - Chemistry in Society


At EduNow we’re committed to providing a service that helps you in every aspect of academic life. Part of our service is therefore providing exemplar essays, all of A* quality,
to help students find what examiners and teachers are really looking for in their work. You can preview some of these below.

Essay - Why did the Tsar fall from power?

Essay - How far does the Anschluss show that Hitler was an opportunist in foreign affairs?

Essay - Analysis of the poem "Dignified"

Essay - How does Grenville make the end dramatic and memorable in "The Secret River"?

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