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At EduNow we know that when it comes to exams you want to be as efficient as possible. That's why we've created specific, highly accurate revision materials perfect for use in the last stretch of revision. Whether it be revision notes, past papers or vocab testing, we've got you covered.



Edunow has been designed to be very simple and quick to use, meaning you can waste less time, and focus on what's important. Our website, Windows and mobile apps make revision a breeze, so you can revise easily, wherever you are.



EduNow was designed by students, for students, with all the tips and tricks we picked up along the way. Learn from the advice and skills of students who went before you to maximise your performance in exams.

Our library grows every day.


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Revision Notes

The EduNow team have collaborated with a variety of teaching professionals to produce condensed and comprehensive notes for a variety of subjects, exclusive to EduNow.

Right now you can enjoy quality resources for Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths, History, Spanish and DT with more being added all the time.

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Past Papers

As students we understand the hassle involved in combing the internet to find all the relevant past papers. That’s why we’ve brought them all together in one place, allowing you to quickly access question papers, mark schemes, examiners reports and more.

Our platform currently has over 10,000 past papers from more than 250 subjects and specifications, spanning AQA, Edexcel, OCR and Cambridge exam boards. No matter what subjects you're doing, we'll have the past papers you need. You can also star the subjects you're interested in and we'll only show you content relevant to you, further streamlining your revision.

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At EduNow we’re committed to providing a service that helps you in every aspect of academic life. So we’ve added exemplar essays, all of A* quality, to help students find what examiners and teachers are really looking for in their work.

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Learn Vocab

Exam boards often change their content, and it's become harder and harder to know that you’re spending time learning the vocab your exam board want you to. So we’ve introduced a vocab learning system that caters exactly to exam board specifications, so you can be sure that you're only learning the content that's important to you.

We've added vocab learning as a beta feature to get early feedback from our users, with more languages, grammar testing and many more features arriving in the coming weeks.

All this and more, available in one affordable subscription.

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Homework. Reworked.
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